2014 Tournament Head Officials Announced!

Updated: December 22, 2013

With the expansion of the Heartland Series to twenty four teams in 2014, it’s important that the women and men in charge of the bouts provide the best possible officiating for the Tournament, to drive the growth of Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby in the UK, says Tournament Head Referee, Fu Man Drew.

“It is important that the Officials team grows with the Tournament, to ensure that all the events are safe, consistent and fairly managed across the whole tournament.”

“The high standard of officiating in 2013 wouldn’t have been possible without the Divisional Head Referees, Xavier Bacon and Rocky Horror Ho and I’m sad to see them both go. Both have contributed massively to the running of the tournament and their successors all have tough acts to follow.”

“However, I’m personally excited that MacGeek has stepped up into a natural role as Tournament Head NSO with her fabulous organisational skills. Also, LA Claw has continued in her position of a Divisional Head NSO.”

Selecting the new Divisional Heads was a tricky process. “We’ve put together a team that’s a great balance of experience and enthusiasm and they are all committed to running the Heartland Series as successfully as it has been in all it’s various forms for the last couple of years.”

“In 2014, we will continue to nurture and assist UK’s officiating talent, focusing on the competing leagues of the Heartland Series, but also driving the growth and development of Skating and Non-Skating Officiating with other leagues and with independent officials around the country.”

2014 Tournament Head Officials

Fu Man Drew – Tournament Head Referee
MacGeek – Tournament Head Non Skating Official

2014 South East Divisional Head Officials

Metal Ed – Divisional Head Referee
LA Claw – Divisional Head NSO

2014 South West Divisional Head Officials

Danger Russ – Divisional Head Referee
Pettichoke – Divisional Head NSO

2014 North East Divisional Head Officials

Von Sleaze – Divisional Head Referee
Dicey Tequil’Her – Divisional Head NSO

2014 North West Divisional Head Officials

Tre Cruel – Divisional Head Referee
MissChief – Divisional Head NSO

The Heartland Series is Europe’s largest interleague Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby Tournament. Twenty four leagues from England and Wales will be divided into an four regional divisions for double header bout days spanning the year, with a walloping two day playoff weekend in November 2014 to find who will be Heartland Champions for 2014!