About The Series

Hello and welcome to the Heartland Series!

The Heartland Series is Europe’s largest interleague Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby Tournament. Twenty four leagues from England and Wales will be divided into four regional divisions for double header bout days spanning the year, with a walloping two day playoff weekend in November to find who will be Heartland Champions for 2014!

The Heartland Series has evolved from the hugely popular 2012 End of the World Series. The End Of The World Series was formed with 6 teams, to provide competitive experience for growing roller derby leagues, to provide an organising structure to develop skating, teamwork, refereeing, non skating officiating, and bout organisation. It was the first tournament of its kind in Europe and the Heartland Series promises to be even greater, and was won by Milton Keynes Roller Derby. In 2013, The End Of The World Series was rebranded as The Heartland Series and featured an expanded line-up of 12 leagues, broadeneing the competitive structure across the country into 2 regional divisions. The 2013 tournament was won by Severn Roller Torrent.

2014 sees further expansion. 24 teams, 4 divisions, 1 winner!