Heartland East 5 – Mean Valley Roller Girls vs Romsey Town Rollerbillies

Updated: August 10, 2013
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Due to issues with Tournament Rostering, Mean Valley decided to forfeit their scheduled bout on Saturday against Romsey Town Rollerbillies.

However, Mean Valley approached the Tournament Officials with an option which was agreed to be in the best interest for all parties and a bout still went ahead.

This bout is held to all current and standard WFTDA rules and should be considered suitable for rankings. It will feature the two leagues playing each other to officiating standards that would hold up to Sanctioning regulations. However, the bout does not fulfil the Tournament by-laws and as such will not be counted as a Heartlands bout.

Whatever the score of the exhibition bout played, the recorded result of the forfeited Heartlands bout will be:
Mean Valley Roller Derby 0 – 100 Romsey Town Rollerbillies

This is in line with previous WFTDA forfeited games.

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