Heartland East Bout Day 3 – Romsey Town Go Top, Rebellion Score First Win!

Updated: May 2, 2013

Romsey Town RollerBillies skated to an emphatic victory against Norfolk Brawds Roller Derby and Rebellion Roller Derby defeated Hell’s Belles Roller Girls on Bout Day 3 of the Heartland Eastern Division.

The opening bout saw hosts Romsey Town go into an immediate lead against the Brawds. An early trip to the box by Brawds jammer Colleteral Damage saw Romsey go into a 38-4 lead. Both teams started strongly but Romsey’s attack took advantage of every powerjam, with Hermaphrodite again proving a class act. The strong Romsey pack made points hard to come by for the Brawds, with Bare Thrills and Test Monkey marshalling Romsey well. Norfolk’s jammers worked exceptionally hard, especially Colletteral Damage and Short Circuit but faced strong wall after strong wall. Romsey led 109-11 with 10 minutes of the half remaining, and their energy sapping recycling of the Brawds jammers kept the Brawds score low. Romsey powered through to end the half 196-21.

It was a test of mental willpower for the Brawds to restore honour in the second half and they started well, with Dinah Mighty and Teki Bomb landing some big hits. Romsey’s jammers showed just why they are one of the favourites for the title this year with Schindler’s Lisp returning to the side, mixing massive hits with powering through the Brawds defence. Romsey extended their lead to 299-32 mid way through the half. From then on, the Brawds were unable to score a point while Romsey gave a perfect example of closing out a game, gaining the largest score in Heartland’s history, 400-32. Such a difficult game for the Brawds who showed gritty, battling spirit until the final whistle

The second game saw both Rebellion and Hell’s Belles looking for their first win of the Tournament to put pressure on both Romsey and Mean Valley. Rebellion rushed onto an early lead with Inky Minx and Dew Drop Her in excellent jamming form. For Hell’s Belles, DodgeHer looked dangerous, but Rebellion ran into a 67-16 point lead. The Rebellion pack were delivering some trademark big hits with Mongsta and Dew Drop Her especially ferocious. At half time, Rebellion lead 119-19.

The second half started closely, with a Hell’s Belles powerjam pushing the score to 138-46. The Belles had an excellent second half, far closer than the first with excellent jamming from Dolly Spartan and Crush Em Hawks, and a far tighter pack, especially from Vera Offtrack and The Kato. Rebellion broke the 200 point barrier with a minute to go, and finished the game 214 – 106 victors. An impressive performance from a resurgent Rebellion, but Hell’s Belles will be rueing a slow start to their day, which ultimately cost them the game.

A fabulous day’s Roller Derby, made even more special with the £389 raised for charity in memory of Rebellion’s Beulah Ballbreaker. Yet again, Heartland Series, you’ve made everyone proud!

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