Heartland East Bout Day 4 – Mean Valley and Rebellion Win Gripping Comeback Clashes

Updated: June 17, 2013

Heartland East Bout Day 4 saw two edge of the seat match ups with Mean Valley Roller Girls hauling in a 60 point deficit against the impressive Hell’s Belles Roller Girls to win 175-165, and hosts Rebellion Roller Derby withstanding a fierce second half fight back from local rivals Bedfordshire Rollergirls to see out their victory 146-133.

The day of drama started with a moving minute of noise for Rebellion’s Beulah Ballbreaker who passed away earlier in the year. Skaters, officials, bout staff and fans were united in paying their respects to the much loved Beulah.

The first bout saw Heartland East pace setters Mean Valley take on the improving Hell’s Belles Roller Girls and immediately sprang into life with a jammer switcheroo in the first jam and an instant official review in the second jam called by Mean Valley. Both sets of jammers seemed well matched. An early Hell’s Belles lead was overhauled by Mean Valley midway through the first half, with Diva La Lunatic and Been Stalking Ya taking Mean Valley to a 40-27 point lead, while Bad Assassin was again proving immense in the pack with a big hit on Crush EM Hawks.

The game swung just after the midway point as two Hell’s Belles powerjams in quick succession for through Belle’s Angel and Crush EM Hawks brought the score to 59-56 to Mean Valley. But the second powerjam ended with a block from Jekyll and Slide which left Bad Assassin receiving treatment and a repentant Jekyll being expelled for an adjudged egregious block. Thankfully, Bad Assassin recovered to continue in the game.

Strangely, the loss of their player seemed to galvanise Hell’s Belles as they stepped up a gear, tightening their defensive walls and maximizing their jams, while Mean Valley looked vulnerable with uncharacteristic jammer penalties and out of play penalties from blockers while defending these powerjams. As such, Hell’s Belles’ strong jammer line up took full advantage and powered into a 125 -62 lead by half time, which also saw Mean Valley’s vice captain Tetchy Stryker fouling out with 7 penalties in the first half. It was an impressive piece of sustained pressure from Hell’s Belles, capping an excellent first half performance.

The big question was whether Mean Valley could recover their composure and find a way back into the game. They started the second half strongly, reinvigorating their jammed line up by introducing Annihilate and playing the lively Juno Itll Hurt more frequently. This paid immediate dividends, together with a policy of calling off the jam if both jammers made it through to scoring passes at the same time, trying to gain more time for big scoring jams.

Some excellent jamming from their attack with powerjams from Annihilate and Diva and strong pack work from Ida Bomb and Bad Assassin proved unanswerable and Mean Valley reeled in the deficit, overhauling the 60 point deficit with 13 minutes remaining, with Juno particularly impressive. Hell’s Belles responded and took the lead again through Dolly Spartan at 136-135 but a late injury to Crush EM Hawks and powerjam for Been Stalkin Ya meant Mean Valley entered the last jam with a 30 point lead.

However, a late forearms penalty from Juno gave Hell’s Belles a powerjam in the last jam. As the clock ran out, a valiant 20 point powerjam from DodgeHer reduced the deficit but the second half Mean Valley blitz ultimately proved too much and Mean Valley ended 175-165 victors. A pulsating, see saw game with special mention to head ref Xavier Bacon for keeping the game flowing when emotions were running high.


Incredibly, the second bout matched the first for excitement and drama, with hosts Rebellion Roller Derby taking on local rivals Bedfordshire Rollergirls. Rebellion featured two new skaters in Hexecutioner and Calpol, while BRG were low on numbers, skating with 9.

It looked as if the team numbers would be a factor as Rebellion raced into an early lead. Rebellion’s play featured strong pack work and, in allrounders Inky Minx and Dew Drop Her, Rebellion have powerful jammers equally adept at mixing it in the pack.

BRG had problems gaining lead and controlling the jams. Cherry Bomb proved a constant threat, but they struggled to provide constant pressure, while Rebellion proved physical, clinical and clean, going into the half time break leading 84-42. Rebellion’s pack were well marshalled by Cat Face Killer and the impressive Mongsta who proved nearly impassable at the head of the pack.

However, BRG staged the second comeback of the day. Despite losing JayK Rolling to injury and skating with 8, this rejigging seemed to focus their play. Rebellion added a quick 20 points but Killa Drumroll and GrenadeHer began to impose themselves, having excellent second halves, disrupting the previously resolute Rebellion pack, while the BRG jamming found more penetration, with Cherry being supported by Kaz BashingHer, Mardy Bum and Cattelya Labiata.

Rebellion suddenly became susceptible to jammer penalties with DewDropHer and Lulu Bloodlust spending time in the box. BRG chipped away at the lead and the powerjams enabled them to pull to within 1 point of Rebellion at 117-116.

However, Rebellion managed to recover for the final few jams with Dew, Inky and Lulu putting more distance between them and the resurgent BRG. A frantic last jam summed up the day, but Rebellion saw out the game with a 146-133 point victory. Another great bout with fully committed teams giving no quarter.

All in all, it was probably the most exciting bout day so far in Heartland East. Four teams giving their all, with drama and incident to spare! Mean Valley top the Eastern Division, while Rebellion keep up the pressure on the top two, hot on their heels in third.

Rebellion Roller Derby

Ayan Nee – We did a win!!!! Bedfordshire RollerGirls well done, you did not make that easy. Possibly the closest game to date. WHAT A GAME!!!

Bedfordshire Rollergirls

KazBashingHer – We may not have won today but we played a bloody good game!

Mean Valley Roller Girls

Bad Assassin – Another win for the Meanies…..what a tough Bout but we fought to victory!!! Think I’m gonna feel it in the morning…

Hell’s Belles Roller Girls

We’ve had an awesome time today, final score 175 – 165 to Mean Valley. Well done ladies. BELLES RULE!!!

The next Heartland West Bout is on August 10th.

Pos   Team Pld W L GoalsDiff Pts
1 Romsey Town RollerBillies 5 5 0 1324961 15
2 Mean Valley Roller Girls 5 4 1 845126 12
3 Norfolk Brawds 5 3 2 726-244 9
4 Rebellion Roller Derby 5 2 3 748-75 6
5 Bedfordshire RollerGirls 5 1 4 726-372 3
6 Hell's Belles Roller Girls 5 0 5 740-396 0

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