Heartland East Bout Day 5 – Norfolk Brawds Stage Second Half Comeback To Seal Victory!

Updated: August 13, 2013
The Norfolk Brawds staged an epic second half comeback against Rebellion Roller Derby to keep alive their play off hopes in the Heartland Series Eastern Division, in Norwich on Saturday.

Photography by Rob Dodsworth http://www.robdodsworth.co.uk/

A packed Sportspark at the University of East Anglia saw the Brawds take on the imposing Rebellion Roller Derby at a crucial stage in the Heartland Tournament. The opening jams were extremely tight until a 15 point Dew Drop Her jam edged Rebellion into a 31-14 lead, which set the tone for the first half. Rebellion steadily built on the position, with Lulu Bloodlust and Faerie Knottie extending the lead to 61-17. Norfolk’s jammers couldn’t break free from the well organised Rebellion pack, where double threat Inky Minx and Mongsta seemed to answer every attack Norfolk launched.

However, towards the end of the first half, the Brawds started to get a little jammer success, with Philthy Delphia and Colletteral Damage gradually starting to extract some points, but a 12 point jam from Hexecutioner sent Rebellion into the half time break leading 87-44.

The second half began with high scoring jams from Dew Drop Her and Colletteral Damage. Indeed, the first few exchanges seemed to suggest that Rebellion’s lead would be insurmountable, but the Brawds team of jammers, comprising Philthy, Colletteral, Yours Truly and Short Circuit all started picking up multipass jams and began to eat into Rebellion’s lead. Rebellion’s jammers began to pick up penalties and their scoring ground to a halt, with Inky and Lulu spending extended periods in the box.

The Brawds pulled the score back to 112-97 and a 25 point powerjam for Yours Truly forced a lead change, to move the Brawds into a 10 point lead. There was no turning back for the Brawds as they steadily increased their lead, while their rejuvenated pack marshalled by Teki Bomb and the departing Lady Quadiva dominated proceedings. The icing on the cake was a last jam powerjam from Colletteral Damage to bring home the win in front of a raucous, ecstatic home crowd. The 166-122 win keeps alive the Brawds’ play off hopes, but leaves Rebellion counting on a big victory against Romsey Town RollerBillies on the last day of the division to see them into Finals Day.

In the day’s other bout, due to issues with Tournament Rostering, Mean Valley Roller Girls decided to forfeit their scheduled bout on Saturday against Romsey Town Rollerbillies.

However, Mean Valley approached the Tournament Officials with an option which was agreed to be in the best interest for all parties and an exhibition bout still went ahead.

The bout finished 243-151 to Romsey and was held to all current and standard WFTDA rules, and is be considered suitable for rankings. It featured the two leagues playing each other to officiating standards that would hold up to Sanctioning regulations. However, because of the rostering issues, the bout does not fulfil the Tournament by-laws and as such will not be counted as a Heartlands bout. This bout will not be rearranged for a later date for this season.

The recorded result of the forfeited bout for the purposes of the Heartland Series is in line with previous WFTDA forfeited games and is recorded in the tournament as Mean Valley Roller Derby 0 – 100 Romsey Town Rollerbillies.

The next Heartland East Bout Day is on Saturday, 14th September, hosted by Hell’s Belles Roller Girls.

Norfolk Brawds

WE WON! Big thanks to Rebellion Roller Derby for being amazing opponents and working us SO HARD. Also, thanks to Mean Valley Roller Derby., Romsey Town Rollerbillies (congrats on the win!), all the vendors, raffle prize donators, Golden Triangle Brewery, Refs, NSOs, Heartland Series 2013 organizers, Sons of Arkham and of course all the fans who came and screamed and cheered and stamped their feet. We couldn’t have done it without you!!! xxx BB

Rebellion Roller Derby (Mongsta)

Big thanks to Mean Valley Roller Girls for giving us some support yesterday. .. u helped our spirits.. u girls rock n roll… all big well done to Norfolk Brawds for giving us a brilliant game.. and Rebellion, I love u xxx

Romsey Town RollerBillies

We’re top of the Heartlands East table after our win against Mean Valley yesterday! Big thanks for a great game and to the Brawds for hosting 🙂

Mean Valley Roller Girls

Well done Meanies and thank you, Norfolk Brawds for Hosting 🙂 Meanie Love xxx