Heartland East Bout Day 7 – Mean Valley In Finals, Romsey East Champs!

Updated: November 6, 2013
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Mean Valley Roller Derby secured the last semi final place in the Heartland Series 2013 with a hard fought victory over Norfolk Brawds Roller Derby in the last of a series of tight, hardfought matches on Bout Day 7. Romsey Town Rollerbillies confirmed their Heartland East Division Championship by beating Rebellion Roller Derby and Bedfordshire RollerGirls took their first win of the 2013 Series by beating Hell’s Belles Roller Girls.

by Andy Harris. Photography by MDP Images and Poladroid.

In the first bout of the last day triple header, Bedfordshire RollerGirls faced Hell’s Belles Roller Girls in a winner-take-all battle for fifth place. With both teams looking for their first series win, Hell’s Belles ran into an early lead with returning captain DodgeHer and Dolly Spartan racking up points quickly. As the Belles rushed into a 30-3 point lead, it seemed they might run away with the game but a whopping 34 point Cherry Bomb powerjam brought a BRG lead change. A quickly followed 24 point Cherry powerjam cemented BRG’s lead, but Hell’s Belles clawed their way back into the game with double digit jams from DodgeHer, Dolly Spartan and Les Be Avenue. Two well matched teams were nip and tuck into the first half break, when a last jam lead change put Hell’s Belles into a 134-130 point lead.

Both teams sparred in the early part of the second half, where points were suddenly hard to come by. The packs started well, with BRG’s Grenade-Her and Madame Octoskates combining well, and Candy Cane-Her and Dannie Darko proving strong for Hell’s Belles. A 15 point Kookiekat jam pulled BRG ahead 166-142 but DodgeHer’s 33 point powerjam swung the game back to Hell’s Belles at 178-167. Kookiekat again scored big on a powerjam to turn the game towards BRG 194-187. Just when it seemed to be going right down to the wire,a decisive points spree from BRG in the last few jams finally put light between the two teams with a late 20 point jam from Cherry proving decisive. A thrilling see-saw opening bout finished 238-205 to Bedfordshire.

In the second bout, undefeated Romsey Town were looking to clinch the Eastern title in a hotly anticipated clash with the hard hitting Rebellion Roller Derby. Romsey started strongly with an early 20 point jam from Donna K Baps leading to a 31-9 point lead, but Rebellion started to take control midway through the first half. Jammers Inky Minx, Dew Drop Her and the particularly effective Lulu Bloodlust all scored double digit jams to rush Rebellion into a 60-34 lead, with penalties hindering the Romsey jammers. Romsey habitually seem to start slowly but steady point scoring from Hermaphrodite and Schindler’s Lisp hauled them back into the game. Romsey’s Dilemma Emma and Trixxi Trunk Muffin proved a tough pairing form Romsey, while Shockerella and Faerie Knottie were landing some big hits on Romsey Town. The first half ended in a buttock clenching 74-74 tie!

The second half began with a Romsey breakthrough, Lisp picking up 15 points in jam 2. This proved crucial as Romsey asserted themselves from the break with solid 4′s and 5′s while Rebellion were unable to pick up anything. Romsey’s Donna K Baps added real value during the second half contributing to Romsey stretching their lead to 125-81, while the Rebellion jammers couldn’t recover their first half form with Inky, Dew and Lulu all spending time in the bin. A final flurry of points in the last four jams saw Donna K Baps pick up a 20 point power jam, Romsey’s Perpetual Commotion pick up a 10 point jam and the ever impressive Dew Drop Her nab a late 28 point jam. Romsey’s superiority told in the second half and they were crowned Eastern Division champions with a 181-117 victory. Romsey have been a class act all year with solid, organised blockers and a team of daunting jammers, but much respect to Rebellion who arguably had the upper hand through most of the first half.

The last bout was the hotly anticipated Norfolk Brawds vs Mean Valley matchup, a straight winner take all, with the last Finals Day place up for grabs. Mean Valley had the edge on the initial jams with their twin jammer rotation of Diva La Lunatic and Bean Stalkin Ya, consistently scoring to take the Meanies into a 21-10 point lead. However a lead change occurred when two Norfolk powerjams by Colletteral Damage (11 points) and Short Circuit (10 points) saw the scores move to 31-25. Both teams seemed closely matched and traded points throughout the half, Mean Valley taking incremental 4′s and 5′s while Norfolk took advantage of several powerjams. Mean Valley struck important blows late in the first half with two 9 point Bean Stalkin Ya jams and a 10 and 8 point jam from Diva. Brawds’ Yours Truly responded with a 15 point powerjam, but Mean Valley went into the half time break leading 91-71.

The second half continued much like the first, with a series of 4 point jams from Diva and Bean, while jammer penalties cost the Mean Valley with Colletteral Damage inflicting a 20 point jam to keep Norfolk in contention. Midway through the second half, it was still anyone’s game with Meanies leading 110-94, and the crowd enjoying the tension of a physical encounter with great skating and packwork. Brawds’ Philthy Delphia was proving an effective double threat, while Teki Bomb proved forceful in the middle. For the Meanies, the always impressive Bad Assassin and Grudge Joolz marshalled their walls very well. As tiredness began to take its toll, powerjams again proved the difference. Colletteral Damage and Philthy scored 14 and 15 point jams, but were outscored by Bean Stalkin Ya’s awesome 24, 10 and 23 point hauls in 3 jams, taking the Meanies to 173-128. This opened up daylight between the teams for the first time, a gap which the Brawds couldn’t overcome. A late expulsion for Diva La Lunatic didn’t distract the Meanies from the job in hand and they saw out the victory in front of the raucous crowd 201-151. Mean Valley are through to the Finals Day, where they will play Severn Roller Torrent in the semi final.

A fabulous day of exciting, closely matched derby proved a real treat for fans with much to shout about. It’s been a great season for Heartland East. Roll on the final twists in the Heartland Series tale on Finals Day on 23rd November in Hemel Hempstead. Make sure you get your ticket!

Romsey Town RollerBillies

We did it! Our win against (the awesome) Rebellion Roller Derby means that RTRB are undefeated in the Heartlands East series and will go on to play in the Grand Final in November!

Norfolk Brawds Roller Derby

Well the Brawds played hard and had fun, but sadly we lost our last Heartland Series 2013 bout to the Meanies. The crowd support we had yesterday was so thrilling and really touched us all. We want to say a huge thank you to all the amazing refs and NSOs that worked so hard yesterday (it was a long day!) and have done so throughout this amazing tournament. And we’d like to thank, not just Mean Valley Roller Derby.for such a hard fought competition but all the amazing teams we’ve played this year. Rebellion Roller Derby, HellsBelles RollerGirls – Hertfordshire Roller Derby, Bedfordshire Roller Girls, Romsey Town Rollerbillies. We are sad to be leaving Heartlands but are SO proud to be number 3 in the East and cannot WAIT to get stuck into Heartlands 2014.

Rebellion Roller Derby

So saturday was a great day , we may not have beaten Romsey but we put up a formidable fight, final score 117 – 185 to Romsey Town Rollerbillies Rebellion loved every minute of it x

Mean Valley Roller Girls

We’re through to the Heartland Series finals!

Bedforshire RollerGirls (Cherry Bomb)

Bedfordshire RollerGirls did a win!!!! Final score 238 – 205. Big Thank you to the lovely Hell’s Belles for a fab game and all the refs, NSO’s and our hosts….someone pass me a ice pack?! X

Hell’s Belles Roller Girls

We had an amazing time on Saturday, well done BRG you were an amazing team to play against. Thanks to all the teams involve in the Heartlands Series, all the refs, NSOs and photographers! Sadly that’s it for us for The Heartlands series this year but watch out as we will be back in 2014, bigger, better and stronger than ever. So a massive thank you to everyone that has supported us so far, we hope that you will all continue to show your love and support for us we love you!