Heartland North East Bout Day 1 – Cambridge and Nottingham Seal Opening Day Wins!

Updated: February 13, 2014
The North East division of the Heartland Series 2014 got off to a flaming start in Nottingham last weekend where last year’s Eastern Division winners, Cambridge Rollerbillies took the victory against the Vendetta Vixens. Debutants hosts Nottingham Roller Girls also opened with a win against Oxford Roller Derby.
by Katherine Norton. Photography by Peter Worth.

Cambridge RollerBillies vs Vendetta Vixens
In the first bout of the day Cambridge took an early lead against the Vixens. Their formidable walls, hard-hitting and nippy jammers especially Schindler’s Lisp and Hermaphrodite allowed them to quickly rack up the points and their tactical calling meant that the Vixens’ jammers were repeatedly prevented from scoring. By the end of jam 8, the score was 69-0 to Cambridge. Despite this, the Vixens continued to show determination in their walling, with Davey Duke especially string, and their jammers remained tenacious in their efforts to burst through the Cambridge defences, andthe Vixens’ efforts were eventually rewarded in jam 9 when Viki Vale managed to score their first points on the board.

Despite this, the re-cycling of the Vixens’ jammers ensured Cambridge gained a solid lead on the opposition. Good communication with the bench and some nifty bridging techniques from Bare Thrills and Test Monkey featured heavily in Cambridge’s success and during the course of the first-half the audience were indulged with a bit of retro roller derby as pivot line starts began to feature, enabling Cambridge to give a master-class in how to play offensively. At half time the scores stood at 130-16 to Cambridge.

The second-half saw a similar game to the first but once off the scoring starting block, the Vixens started to steadily build up their game, with Oktavia Rain and Davey Duke adding to Viki Vale’s points. Penalties began to tell as the score rose to 154-24 to Cambridge, with Vixens’ Harriet performing valiently against Trixxi Trunk Muffin and Tutu Hot 2 Handle. Lisp conceded consecutive penalties and despite strong Cambridge defence, the Vixens began to pick up points through Harriet, Octavia and the ever twisting and spinning Viki Vale, taking the score to 192-68 to Cambridge. Jam 19 saw the skaters have an impromptu dance off whilst waiting for the jam whistle but when it sounded they were straight back to the serious business of playing derby.

The pattern continued for the rest of the half with Vixens making the most of their powerjams and defending valiantly with Davey and McFly shining, but Cambridge being ruthlessly efficient when they kept the jammers on track. Despite the best efforts of the Vendetta Vixens and a valiant display of tenacity – the bout ended with a Cambridge victory 221-96.

Nottingham Roller Girls vs Oxford Roller Derby

Bout two saw the debut of one of the Series’ new teams Nottingham Roller Girls, taking on Oxford Roller Derby. Lots of interest from Series fans as to how Nottingham would fare but Oxford scored first, with their jammer, Iguana Thump, sneaking through on the inside line. By the fourth jam, Nottingham had forced a lead change 26-14. The game was evenly matched from the start with Nottingham edging the first few jams, helped out by high scores from the impressive Hell ‘N’ Back, scoring an hefty 14 points in her first jam of the day. The tables quickly turned and jam 10 saw Oxford score a 15 point Iguana Thump power jam and take the lead 36-30. Still, there was little to separate the teams, with tight walling and the jammers demonstrating persistence and skill in evading the blockers.

The latter part of the first half saw Oxford assert themselves. Great strategy on Oxford’s part edged them into the lead, despite Nottingham’s best efforts and some impressive jamming by Damndrea and Hell ‘N’ Back. Oxford began to pull away and by the half-time, Oxford had opened up a 82-60 lead, but the game remained in the balance.

Oxford started the second-half with a power jam advantage but Nottingham quickly gained the upper hand when The Ruth Hurts showed excellent tactical skill and forced the Oxford jammer to the box for cutting track, allowing Nottingham to take the lead 93-87. Oxford’s walls remained strong, making it a fierce struggle for the home team jammers to penetrate and score points. Some great jamming from Oxford, particularly Maths Destruction and B.A Douglas, kept the game alive but the Nottingham pack seemed far more secure in the second half with Feartrix Rotter and GemArgh landing hits, and both teams continued to fight hard for the remainder of the bout – Oxford skaters French Revolution and Dread Ditto, repeatedly demonstrated how to contain a jammer but despite their blocking prowess Nottingham continued to pull away. When the final whistle blew, the final score was Nottingham 189 – 144 Oxford.

An excellent day of Roller Derby saw Cambridge set out their stall as Title challengers again this year and a statement of intent from Nottingham, highlighting their tournament credentials, but the performances of Oxford and Vixens suggest that this could be a really competitive Division in 2014!

Roll on the rest of the Heartland Series 2014 – it’s going to be one hell of a year!

Nottingham Roller Girls

Brilliant day Saturday. Thanks to the fans, the teams that took part, the officials and all of our members who helped make the day run smoothly.

Oxford Roller Derby

What an opening to this year’s Heartlands! Amazing game with Nottingham Roller Girls, we didnt get the win we wanted but we fought hard and had a wonderful day! Thank you to everyone who made today happen, all the refs and NSO’s and the hosts!

Cambridge RollerBillies

Thanks to everyone for a great day on Saturday!

Vendetta Vixens

We had a brilliant time getting bashed about by Romsey Town. Thanks to everyone as always – let’s get ready for the next one!!


Nottingham Roller Girls
  • Best Jammer – Hell N Back
  • Best Blocker – Doodlebug
  • MVP – Damndrea
Oxford Roller Derby
  • Best Jammer – Maths Destruction
  • Best Blocker – Mostly Harmless
  • MVP – French Revolution
Cambridge RollerBillies
  • Best Jammer – Schindler’s Lisp
  • Best Blocker – Victory Slap
  • MVP – Bare Thrills
Vendetta Vixens
  • Best Jammer – Viki Vale
  • Best Blocker – The Great Smacksby
  • MVP – Davey Duke