Heartland North West Bout Day 1 – North Wales and Hereford Score Debut Victories!

Updated: February 12, 2014
The Heartland Series 2014 opened in style with victories for North Wales Roller Derby and Hereford Roller Girls, making their debuts in the North West Division.
by Andy Harris. Photography by PSD-Images.co.uk.

North Wales Roller Derby vs Evolution Roller Girls
Featuring 6 teams new to the Series, the North West Division was always going to pique the interest of the Series fans, to see the calibre of the new teams, and Bout Day 1 delivered in grand style, with close matches between Hereford and Wirral Whipiteres Roller Derby and between North Wales and Evolution Rollergirls.

The opening bout between Hereford and Wirral started strongly for the Whipiteres, rushing into a 23-9 lead by jam 4 with Lula Doom getting the first big powerjam score of the Series for 19 . This was quickly followed up by a 17 point Lula Doom powerjam, pushing Wirral into a 59-29 lead. Hereford struggled to get points on the board, but 10 point hauls for D’Manding, Turner and Wild showed that their jammer rotation contained strength.

Wirral’s Plauhaus and Ultra Violet Catastrophe picked up further points to take Wirral to 72-29 point lead, but suddenly the Hereford pack started to gel, with Toxic Toad and Nurse Venom particularly impressive. From jam 14, Hereford picked up points in 8 of the remaining 9 jams in the half as Wild and Turner made the most of the gaps and the Wirral jammer penalties, with Wild scoring a 20 point powerjam to force a lead change. At the half, Hereford went into the break with a slender 85-75 scoreline.

The second half started cagily until a 14 point Turner jam put Hereford into a 110-83 lead. Hereford scored steadily and, despite good pack work from Wirral’s KnitOne HitOne and Talula Trouble, The HorrorBulls extended their lead to 128-92. Two consecutive powerjams from Hereford’s Van Kell’sing and Turner for 20 and 13 points put them into an unassailable 161-92 point lead. Wirral rallied late on with a 13 point haul from Lula Doom and 4’s from Wrecking Ball and Talula Trouble but couldn’t prevent Hereford taking the points in the opening game of the Series.

The second bout featured hosts North Wales Roller Derby taking on Shropshire’s Evolution RollerGirls. A tight opening saw both sides trading points until a 20 point powerjam from Evo’s Lotus put Evolution into a 30-15 lead. Evolution’s jammers seemed to have the edge with Thin White Juke and Mash-Her racking up early points, while Grim Burton was effective in the Evolution pack. However, North Wales were taking advantage of Evolution’s jammer penalties and powerjams from Jammy Hendrix and Insidious Ness for 14 and 20 pulled them back into the game and forced a lead change late in the first half as North Wales edged into a 66-64 point lead. But right before the half time break, points from Evo’s Sanchez meant that Evolution started the second half with a nailbiting 69-66 lead.

North Wales seemed to regroup during the break and their pack looked a lot stronger, with Frenchie, Max Payne and Cazmainian Devil proving very obstructive and organised. Points came from all of North Wales jammer rotation, with Jammy, Felicity Fearless and especially Shedog doing damage, with Shedog picking up 15 and 18 point jams to open up a 124-85 lead.
Evolution’s Snowball lived up to her pre-match billing scoring 9 and 23 point jams to close the gap to 133-130, but penalties proved Evolution’s undoing as North Wales slowly edged away and sealed the victory with a 13 point Jammy Hendrix haul in the penultimate jam. North Wales ran out narrow victors in an entertaining bout 168-151.

A fabulous day of roller derby with 4 new teams eager to impress and experience the thrill of interleague tournament competition. The standard has been set, teams!

North Wales Roller Derby

Thanks to Evolution Rollergirls, Hereford Roller Girls and Wirral Whipeteres for coming, we loved having you!

Thank you all for coming and sharing in this piece of derby history!! What a fantastic day!

Big thanks to Wirral Whipiteres Roller Derby, Hereford Roller Girls and Evolution Rollergirls for bringing such an awesome game. Some serious action going down on the track! Congratulations to Hereford for winning the first bout of Heartlands 2014!

Extra special thanks to the amazing officials of the referee and NSO (Non-Skating Official) crews that made the event run so smoothly. Big shout to the announcers Mushiewookie and Snoogins and the Bout production crew of NWRD.

Massive thanks to our kick ass medics of Event First Aid Cover Cheshire for taking care of everyone so well! Especially of Hanaconda who received whiplash at the end of the second game but was given the all-clear from A&E and made it to the afterparty

Thanks too to our Hotdog stand and stall holders including our sponsor, Grand Slam Skates for giving you somewhere to leave your spare cash!

Evolution RollerGirls

Thank you North Wales Roller Derby, we’ve had a fantastic time and congratulations on the win! Was great skating with you

Hereford Roller Derby

Phew! We’re home from North Wales Roller Derby! We had a great day; played Wirral Whipiteres Roller Derby Team in an ace bout that we won 165 – 115. We then watched North Wales take on Evolution Rollergirls. Diolch to NWRD for hosting the first Heartland Series Roller Derby bout of 2014! Hope those of you who came along enjoyed it as much as we did.

Wirral Whipteres Roller Derby

We did it! On Sunday we played our first Heartland Series Roller Derby bout!. We had a great day! Thanks to everyone for organising and taking part in such a great event. for the photo!


Hereford Roller Girls
  • Best Jammer – Wild
  • Best Blocker – GoreJes
  • MVP – Turner
Wirral Whipiteres Roller Derby
  • Best Jammer – Wrecking Ball
  • Best Blocker – KnitOne HitOne
  • MVP – Plauhaus
North Wales Roller Derby
  • Best Jammer – Hanaconda
  • Best Blocker – Frenchie
  • MVP – Max Payne
Evolution Roller Girls
  • Best Jammer – MashHer
  • Best Blocker – Grim Burton
  • MVP – Snowball