Heartland North East Game Day 3 – Nottingham Remain Unbeaten, Vixens Open Their Account

Updated: June 2, 2014
Nottingham Roller Girls maintained their 100% Heartland Series record with an impressive victory over Rebellion Roller Derby, while Vendetta Vixens chalked their first 2014 Series points on the board with a win against Wolverhampton Honour Rollers.
by Celtic Tiger. Photography by MDP Images.

The first game of the day at Chase Leisure Centre saw Heartland veterans Rebellion Roller Derby take on a newer team to the tournament, Nottingham Roller Girls. During the first four jams Rebellion’s jammers fought through to take lead, while their blockers exhibited some excellent recycling. However, at the fifth jam Nottingham came out of their shells, taking the jammer lead status many times, with significant multi-pass hauls from Louisey Rider and Hell N Back, bringing on a lead change but with only four points between the teams. Within fifteen minutes of this game, it was clear that these teams are evenly matched. However, some power jams against Rebellion combined with Nottingham’s tight walls and very well executed recycling, often initiated by The Atkins Riot widened the point differential between both teams with the half time score at 114-74 to Nottingham.

The second half began well for Nottingham as jammer Inky Minx cut track on her initial pass making way for Damndrea to fight through Rebellion walls, featuring an especially resilient Catface Killer for the Rebels, twice during the 30 second penalty. Both teams’ determination was evident as Nottingham continued to form robust, slow-moving walls but Lulu Bloodlust’s strong jamming accumulated points for Rebellion. Similarly to the first half, both Inky Minx and Dew Drop Her were a force to be reckoned with in the Rebellion walls, executing big hits on the outside of corner two to catch Nottingham’s jammer. During the second half, both teams lost star players on the day – Dew Drop Her and The Atkins Riot leaving the game early, through a foul out and injury respectively. However, each team continued to fight for points, but Nottingham’s Damndrea and Hell ‘n’ Back’s agility brought on more successful scoring passes for the green team, widening the gap to a final score of 202-135 to Nottingham.


The second game of the day was full of purple as Wolverhampton Honour Rollers came up against Vendetta Vixens. In the tournament last year, this matchup of teams saw Vixens take the victory by a slender 35 points. As the game kicked off, it was clear that the 2014 game would be equally as close with one point difference at the end of jam five. Despite many of Vixens’ blockers making trips to the penalty box and intense one-on-one blocking from Wolves, Oktavia Rain nipped round lots of hips gathering points.

During the first half, the Wolverhampton walls became increasingly tighter, at times holding Vixens’ jammers for up to two laps. Equally, great containment of the opposing jammer was executed by Vixens’ Smacksby, Babyskates and Ayrie Faerie making jammer Caztastrophie work hard for every point. A few jams later both jammers are facing determined blockers and Caztastrophie demonstrated that she is a double-threat with some beautiful one-on-one blocking ensuring that Vixens’ jammer did not get out of the pack until corner three whilst Davey Duke is recycling the Wolves jammer. On numerous occasions, Caztastophie slowed the opposing jammer alone for 10-20ft with excellent control and footwork. However, it was a combination of Vixens’ recycling, a few power jams in their favour and Oktavia’s regular lead jammer status that lead to the half time score of 97-58 to Vendetta Vixens.

The second half saw powerful blocking from both teams with jammers being released after fighting for nearly two laps. Despite a power jam in Wolves’ favour, Davey Duke, Kubix Rube and Hannihilation defended their points well, recycling Jeneral Grievous a number of times and thus ensuring a zero-point power jam. The frequency of power jams increased as both teams’ jammers took a few trips to the box. With five minutes to go, Harriet fought through an amazingly tight Wolverhampton wall for an entire lap as the opposing jammer, exited the box. The last few jams involved some beautiful off-the-line offence from Mabel in a China Shop, jammer-killing from Opress-Her and nifty footwork from Jeneral Grievous. Despite these efforts, the point differential was too great for Wolves with the few minutes left and while both jammers skated to the box in the last jam, it didn’t affect the overall outcome. Vendetta Vixens took the victory again with a final score of 183-126.

The next Heartland North-East bout will be held on 28th June in Blackbird Leys Leisure Centre, Oxford. For the first time, the two undefeated teams in the division will meet, with Cambridge RollerBillies taking on Nottingham Roller Girls. Also, Rebellion Roller Girls and Oxford Roller Derby will play against each other for the first time since the 2012 End of the World Series.