Heartland North West Bout Day 2 – Reaper Seal Debut Win, Hereford Stay Top!

Updated: March 30, 2014
Hereford Roller Girls and Reaper RollerGirls kicked off their tournament campaign with solid victories against Evolution Roller Girls and Haunted City Rollers! Hosted in Hereford, the double header saw some hard fought battles with both teams looking evenly matched and scores being tight throughout.
by Cat Hook. Photography by MDP Images.

In the first bout, Reaper and Haunted City met for the second time this year. Reaper took the win at Tattoo Freeze earlier in the year so Haunted City were determined to come out fighting.
Haunted City’s walls were very tight and hits were hard, take downs and strong walls by Cyanide Lollipop and Tazbo Order were common. Throughout the game, possibly due to inexperience on both sides, penalties were heavy, particularly in the first half where Reaper were at times queuing for their penalties. Yazmanian Devil and Block Ness from the Reapers were strong jamming throughout although having very strong defence to contend with, Pilgrim was notable fighting against these and making holes. Even with penalties on both sides, the scores were close at half time with Reaper edging into the lead 106-80. All to play for in the second half!

Despite trying to keep the game clean, the Reaper Roller Girls maintained their penalty heavy game, with Aly McSqueal and Pilgrim eventually fouling out. Haunted City’s Ginge showed particularly strong jamming in this half and scored high despite some heavy swarming by the Reapers. Haunted City conceded a few power jams which bolstered Reaper and saw them pull away as the half progressed. With a final star pass to finish the game, Reaper took the win in a tightly contested bout, 236 – 147, announcing their debut in the contest and indicating that they could be a team to watch.


Hosts Hereford Roller Girls wanted to prove themselves as being the stronger team in front of their home crowd and build on their opening day victory, Evolution made them work for it with a very close first half in particular. Evolution’s Snowball had a hard fight getting through the Hereford wall in an early powerjam, however with a quick twist called it off after scoring a neat 20 points. Toxic Toad and Eve.L. Hart worked well together for Hereford, meaning jammers didn’t get an easy time of it and Minx jammed strongly, making holes in the tricky Evo walls. This half also featured some lovely jammer on jammer action eventually resulting in Van Kell’sing sacrificing her blocker Gore Jes to break away from a consistently strong Snowball! There was top notch skating through the half, especially from, Van Kell’sing with an nifty apex jump and Evo’s Mash-her with some impressive footwork, entertaining the vocal crowd. With the teams so evenly matched at the end of the first half, the match headed into the break, dead level 76-76. A tense second half beckoned.

The second half very much demonstrated the same skills as the first but with some strong walls and big hits from Hereford we saw Evolution begin to lose points. Both team fought hard, with eventually Hereford sealed the win 169-123, delighting the partisan home crowd. Evolution can count themselves unlucky with both their games hotly contested, but with two wins from 2, Hereford are the early pace setters in the North West Division.

The next North West game will be hosted by Reaper Roller Girls on Sunday May 11th, with and the home team playing Wirral Whipiteres Roller Derby and Haunted City Roller playing North Wales Roller Derby. Can’t wait to see the next instalment!

Hereford Roller Girls

Wow!! Such a great day… Well done to Reaper Rollergirls and Haunted City Rollers – Derby and to Evolution Rollergirls – that was FUN!!!! You’re all ace! Thanks to the referees, NSO’s and everyone involved in the Heartlands too for your help. And all our supporters – you guy rock!! Thank you!!!.

Reaper RollerGirls

Once again awesome opponents!

Evolution RollerGirls

Well, what can we say? What a blummin awesome day!!! Thank you Hereford Roller Girls for putting on a great event and working us so hard!! You girls rock, roll and rumble!!

Haunted City Rollers

Would like to say a big thank you to @heartlandrd – @ReaperRoller -@Evo_Rollergirls – @Hfd_RollerGirls. Was such a great day out !!