Heartland South East Game Day 3 – Bourne First Win, Cows Win Big

Updated: June 16, 2014
Bourne Bombshells took their first victory of the Series against Hell’s Belles Roller Girls, while freescoring Milton Keynes Roller Derby recorded a huge win over Bedfordshire RollerGirls.
by Andy Harris. Photography by John Hesse.

The first game of the day at Dolphin Leisure Centre in Haywards Heath saw old rivals Bedfordshire RollerGirls and Milton Keynes Roller Derby face each other for the first time since Milton Keynes beat BRG in November 2012 to take the inaugural End Of The World Series title. Milton Keynes were looking to build on their victory against Bourne Bombshells and started strongly again, with opening jams from Terrorizinya, Magic Beanz, Huni Basher and Rollin’Sin taking the Concrete Cows into an 82-0 lead.

Cherry Bomb scored Bedford’s first points of the day but the BRG pack struggled to contain the MKRD jammers, though Booty Vicious’s blocking was proving extremely effective. MKRD continued to rack up double digit jams throughout the first half, with Beanz and Zinya particularly deadly. The Cows pack swarmed around BRG jammers Kookiekat and Cherry, with Cows Valkyrie and Bolshevik marshalling their team well. The Cows broke the 200 point barrier in jam 15, while Jed E Knights added 9 points for BRG in the last jam of the half, to send the teams into the half time break, with the Cows leading 238-16.

The Cows started the second half strongly with their jammer rotation adding more points quickly. Bedford upped their game early and were far more physical with Vi Aggro and YoHo landing hits, but the MKRD blockers continued their disciplined and well drilled formation, shutting down jammers and offering assistance to their own scorers, with Claudia Faceoff, Betty Knox and Sula Riot especially formidable, Sula adding a crowd pleasing 25 point jam. The Cows passed the 300 and 400 point barriers in quick succession, and a 35 point jam from Magic Beanz and a last jam 25 point haul from Huni Basher pushed the Cows over the 500 mark. At the final whistle, the Cows took the victory against a spirited Bedfordshire 508-22.


In the second game, hosts Bourne opened very strongly against Hell’s Belles. The Bombshells had said that they had spent much time reviewing footage of their defeat against Milton Keynes to rebuild their game, and the early signs suggested that it had been time well spent as Bullet Bomber, Crash, Dreaded Shortcake and Swann all contributed to an early Bombshells lead, 41-9 after 9 jams. Hell’s Belles rallied at Jam 10 with Dolly Spartan picking up 15 points, but Bourne’s pack held fast, with Smash’er Fierce and Philosofear particularly strong. Hell’s Belles pack were unable to hold the Bourne jammers, who either got lead or exited the pack immediately after the Belles jammers, leaving little opportunity for multiple scoring passes.

Bourne scored steadily throughout the half, but a late rally from Belles hauled them back into the game with 14 points from DodgeHer, 10 from Scarlett Heartless, and 5 from Dolly causing a lead change in the penultimate jam. DodgeHer capitalised in the last jam of the half, scoring 21 to Bullet Bomber’s 10 to take the Hell’s Belles into a 96-83 point half time lead.

However, Bourne struck decisive blows right at the start of the second half. With DodgeHer starting in the box, Chunder Woman closed the gap with an 8 point jam, and Swann and Bullet Bomber took advantage of a Scarlett Heartless SOOB penalty to star pass and rack up 29 points between them, which put Bourne into a 120-96 lead. Belles pulled back to 120-114 through Dolly, DodgeHer and Leggett n Hyde, but steady single passes from Bourne edged them into a 144-121 lead.

Belles again pulled back to 148-140 with a 15 point Dolly Spartan jam, but Spartan’s penalties began to tell and she fouled out midway through the second half. This removed one of the Belles’ main attacking threats and Belles only had two scoring jams for the rest of the game, including 15 points from the ever impressive DodgeHer. Bourne pulled away with 8 scoring jams in the last 10, including a 14 pointer from Bullet, 8 points from Smash’er and a valedictory 24 point jam from the departing Swann (formerly Toxic Block Syndrome) who played her last game for the Bombshells before her move to the Brighton Rockers, giving the Bombshells a well deserved victory 214-159. An excellent game, Belles giving their all, but an impressive progression for Bourne in taking their first series win, suggesting that they will grow throughout the year.

The next South East game is on 12th July in Norwich and will feature Norfolk Brawds vs Milton Keynes Roller Derby and Bedfordshire Rollergirls vs Big Bucks High Rollers.