Heartland South West Bout Day 2 – Severn Remain Unbeaten, as Plymouth State Intentions

Updated: April 5, 2014
Severn Roller Torrent maintained their 100% Heartland Series record with a hard fought victory over Dorset RollerGirls, while Plymouth City Roller Girls made an impressive debut with a solid win over fellow debutants Basingstoke Bullets.
by Jo Field. Photography by Paul Delooze.

The opening bout in the Heartland South West Bout Day 2 saw the Basingstoke Bullets take on Plymouth City Roller Girls. Both teams make their debut this year, and we look forward to seeing more of what they can offer as the tournament progresses.

PCRG made a strong start, with Warhannah whipping her way through the pack to help take them to a 34-5 lead over the Bullets. Although the Bullets quickly turned the tables and started to make a breakthrough of their own, some clean and clever jamming by PCRG’s Chakra Bleu allowed PCRG to pull away once again as she called off the jam before the Bullets jammer, Bruise Payne, could score. With the penalty box filling up for the Bullets, they took the opportunity to call a Team Time Out and take stock. Coming back to the track following their Time Out, the Bullets struggled to hold back PCRG with only two blockers in the line up and PCRG once again stretched out their lead to 61-5.

An exciting yoyo Power Jam scenario starting with the PCRG jammer being sent off allowed the Bullets to take the lead, and close the gap after scoring 8 points. Unfortunately, this changed after the Bullets also had their jammer sent to the box, and PCRG went on to score 8 points themselves, taking the score line to 69-13! An unfortunate run of both blocker and jammer penalties for the Bullets meant PCRG were then able to take their lead to 94-14.

A genius block from Billie Horrorday on PCRG’s jammer Warhannah, who was then held for a full lap by the Bullets blockers, helped them to rack up some well earned points. This was followed by the Bullets taking the lead in a number of jams. The Bullets jammers cleverly called off the jams at the right time and were able to stop PCRG from making too much headway with their points. Some great jammer recycling by PCRG’s Hack Nicholson helped to keep the Bullets at bay and the final jam of the first half brought a power jam in PCRG’s favour. Plymouth lead at half time 156-40.

Halftime was beneficial for the Bullets, who appeared to come back to the track with renewed determination, and they started well with Poison Cherry earning the lead in the first jam. We saw some really strong walls from both teams at this point, with both jammers being held back and recycled effectively by the respective blockers. Darth Smaul executed some agile moves to earn lead for the Bullets again and PCRG’s Hot Topic was sent to the penalty box, earning the Bullets a power jam in their favour. Score so far 178-56 to Plymouth.

Penalties then became a big issue for both teams, when both were left with just two blockers on track but PCRG were able to take advantage of their skilfully strong two walls, to extend their lead to 212-64. PCRG’s Warhannah once again showed her skills as an accomplished jammer, nipping straight through the pack to take lead, but was quickly followed by Poison Cherry. The Bullets took lead in the next two jams but were thwarted from making much of a dent in the points differential as they were pressured to call off the jam each time by a PCRG jammer hot on their heels. After two power jams in their favour, PCRG took their lead to 299-72. Some strong pack work by PCRG’s Nunn Ra and Hot Topic saw them effectively hold back the Bullets jammer. After the Bullets jammer was sent to the box once again, the half concluded with a power jam in PCRG’s favour and the bout finished with a Plymouth victory 337-76.


Severn Roller Torrent came to this bout as undefeated champions of the 2013 Heartland Series, and also having won their first bout of this year’s tournament against Wiltshire Roller Derby.
Dorset are another of the new leagues joining Heartland this year, making this an even more exciting tournament with the additional competition they bring! Dorset Roller Girls also come today having won their first bout of the series. They successfully defeated Surrey in their opening bout in February.

SRT started the bout strongly with a 30 point power jam for Scarlett Shadow, but in the following jam, Dorset went on to fight back – their tight walls managing to hold back SRT’s Voodoo Ray on the line for long enough to allow their own jammer, Rollin Dynamite, to shoot through the pack to get lead.

The next line up saw SRT’s Thunderkat taking lead, and bringing the score to 32-8 before calling off the jam. Blockers from both teams made the respective jammers work hard to breakthrough, but finally Voodoo Ray was able to take advantage of a penalised DRG jammer to get out of the pack and go on to score multiple grand slams. In this jam we also saw some great dynamic blocking from SRT’s Beatrix Got’er, who managed to take out the Dorset jammer.

Dorset’s Naz T Bitch gave us a taste of what she was made of when she took lead, and got some great back up from her blockers walls as they held SRT back from the start line. In the next jam, Dorset’s blockers were able to draw SRT to the inside line while their jammer, Chu Chu Rocket flew through on the outside to gain lead. Dorset continued to block and recycle SRT’s Voodoo Ray in what turned out to be a punishing jam for SRT. Scores lie at 84-27 to Severn.

Beatrix Got’er donned the jammer cover for the first time in the Heartland Series today, and made it through the pack first but a ‘no pass, no penalty’ signal denied her the lead status – however, she still exited the engagement zone with a big smile on her face! Dorset managed to break through the pack quickly after and called off the jam immediately before SRT were able to score. Some brilliant blocking, and power hits from SRT’s Jedi Mistress swept Dorset’s Smashtronaut off the track, allowing the score to reach 98-44. A ten point power jam for Dorset in the final jam of the first half meant the teams went into the break with Severn leading 98-54.

The second half of the bout started with two blockers in the box for Dorset and SRT’s Scarlett Shadow was able to quickly take lead and increase the score to 109-62.In the second jam, Dorset’s Naz T Bitch and Thump’er Lina executed some excellent blocking and hard hits to hold back and recycle SRT’s jammer. This was followed in the next jam by Dorset’s Raging Gull and Fireball Furby taking SRT’s jammer, Thunderkat, off track – score so far 134-84 to Severn.

A power jam for SRT meant a chance to further open up the score line, but Dorset’s seemingly sometimes inpenetrable walls managed to limit SRT to just one grand slam this time. With the blockers from both teams making things so difficult for the jammers in this bout, any points scored were worked really hard for, and were definitely well earned!In the next jam, an ‘on form’ Jedi Mistress used a magnificent sweeping full body block, taking most of Dorset’s blockers off track, allowing the SRT jammer to slip through. This took the score to SRT165-114DRG. The final jam of the bout saw Dorset’s Thump’er Lina hold back SRT’s Jammer to allow their own jammer to break through and take lead. Severn maintained their 100% Series record 165-121.

The next South West bout will be held on Sunday 1st June at Basingstoke and will feature Plymouth vs Surrey Rollergirls and Basingtoke vs Wiltshire Roller Derby.