Heartland West Bout Day 3 – Awards

Updated: April 30, 2013
FeaturedImage - 2013-02-02-HeartlandWestBoutDay1Awards

Severn Roller Torrent

awarded by Milton Keynes Roller Derby
  • Most Environmentally Friendly (Recycling Jammers): Beatrix Got’er
  • Quickest Feet: Scarlett Shadow
  • Best Jammer: Voodoo Ray
  • Best Blocker: Jedi Mistress
  • MVP: Buccaneer Betty Fear

Milton Keynes Roller Derby

awarded by Severn Roller Torrent
  • Derby Crush: Bolshevik
  • Derby Spirit: Red Hot Chilli Whipper
  • Best Jammer: Magic Beanz
  • Best Blocker: Betty Knox
  • MVP: The Valkyrie

Vendetta Vixens

awarded by Wolverhampton Honour Rollers
  • Best Game Face: Miss G Vous
  • Best Jammer: Viki Vale
  • Best Blocker: The Great Smacksby
  • MVP: Davey Duke

Wolverhampton Honour Rollers

awarded by Vendetta Vixens
  • Derby Spirit: Jael Break
  • Best Jammer: Caztastrophie
  • Best Blocker: Suga Buzz
  • MVP: Kat-Fight-Her

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