Heartland West Bout Day 3 – Severn Unbeaten,Vixens Grab First Series Win!

Updated: April 30, 2013

Severn Roller Torrent top the Western Division table after a closely matched encounter with Milton Keynes Roller Derby while Vendetta Vixens snatched their first ever victory in a tight match with hosts Wolverhampton Honour Rollers.

The opening bout saw Milton Keynes’ Concrete Cows open up an immediate lead with Magic Beanz proving effective jamming against the strong Severn pack. It soon became apparent that both sets of blockers were very well matched and points proved hard to come by, with Valkyrie and Bolshevik for Milton Keynes and Jedi Mistress and Buccanner Betty Fear tussling fiercely. Severn eased themselves into the game but Milton Keynes edged into a 44-26 lead. Powerjams often prove decisive and Severn exploited theirs with Scarlett Shadow proving clinical in her jamming. After a series of lead changes, Severn went into half time with a narrow 68 -63 lead.

Again the Cows started well moving into an 82-71 lead with Beanz causing real damage on a power jam. Some big hits from Valkyrie and Betty Knox made a real impact on the Severn jammers while Lissy Longshot’s powerjam helped the Cows 100 points. However, Severn drew cuts from Lissy and their pack proved destructive during the powerjams, with Cows unable to field a full pack during crucial jams. Severn’s jammers proved ruthless and in the last 3 minutes pulled away from the Cows, Severn running out 155-119 victors to top the Western Division table.

In the second bout, hosts Wolverhampton faced a well drilled Vixens team. Again, the game proved as close as the first with both teams trading lead changes throughout. The Vixens dominated lead jammer status with Davey Duke and Viki Vale proving hard for Wolves to contain. The Wolves jammers were often hot on the trail of the Vixens, with Psychopathey and Caztastrophie leaping out of the packs to grab points and rein in the differential so that the scores at half time stood at 84-74 to the hosts.

The Vixens’ much-improved tactics and strong anchor blocking saw some tough times for the Wolves jammers. Captain Miss G Vous and best blocker winner The Great Smacksby put in some hard hits and were a formidable pairing. After settling into the game, the Wolves’ walls were doing some damage to the scoreline and providing a tense and exciting game for the crowd. Binty Vicious and Kat-Fight-Her proved useful in offense and defence, helping their jammers through the packs and landing hard hits on the Vixens’ blockers and jammers alike, but in the end it wasn’t enough and the visitors took the first win of their careers 182-147 to jubilant scenes.

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