Heartland West Bout Day 4 – Milton Keynes edge Oxford as Severn extend lead!

Updated: June 11, 2013

Milton Keynes Roller Derby took their first Heartland Series win of the season against Oxford Roller Derby to keep alive their playoff hopes while Severn Roller Torrent underlined their tournament credentials with a comprehensive victory against hosts Wiltshire Roller Derby.

The double header started with Milton Keynes against the unbeaten Oxford Roller Derby. In last year’s End Of The World Series, Milton Keynes defeated Oxford 171-77 but this year, Oxford’s impressive start to the series suggested a much closer encounter and that’s exactly what transpired. Milton Keynes went into an early lead but powerjams from Oxford kept them in the game. The strength of both packs indicated that this would be a low scoring, well matched game with Valkyrie and Bolshevik excellent for Milton Keynes, enjoying strong battles with Oxford’s French Revolution and the returning from injury Stormy Waters.

The lead changed early on but Milton Keynes established a narrow lead for most of the first half. Milton Keynes won more lead jammer statuses and called 4 and 8 point hauls, while Oxford’s cleaner skaters took advantage of their powerjams. By the end of the first half, Milton Keynes led 77-59, only a powerjam in it.

Oxford traditionally start strong in the second half and so it proved again with French Revolution adding to their jammer firepower. Oxford’s attack of Dread Ditto, Frenchie, Aud-Acity, MisAtomic, Mazza Kiss’d and BA Douglas proved a threat throughout but consistent jamming and a cleaner performance from Milton Keynes’ Magic Beanz, Terrorizinya, Hurt Nouveau and Huni Basher kept them ahead, with Beanz excelling with an Eat The Baby recycling move in partnership with Helectric Shock.

Despite extending their lead into the last jam, a cut penalty from Hurt Nouveau brought memories of Oxford’s epic last jam reverse against Wiltshire from Heartland West Bout 2, but terrific rearguard pack work from Valkyrie and Betty Knox was enough to see out the hard fought victory for Milton Keynes 158-139.

In the second bout, hosts Wiltshire Roller Derby were looking to extend their good form against pacesetters Severn Roller Torrent. Severn jammers Scarlett Shadow and Voodoo Ray opened up a quick lead but a powerjam from Magic Roundherbout brought Wiltshire back into the game in front of a noisy home crowd. Wiltshire were without the injured Miss Invictus, and their blockers encountered a strong, well organised Severn pack. Severn’s Miss Havislam and Jedi Mistress continued their good form while the returning Helen Fury showed she has lost none of her strength and gameplay on track. Severn’s jammers proved relentless and Wiltshire did well to go into the half time break with the scores at 146-54.

In the second half, Severn stepped up a gear to push home their points differential. The Severn attack took advantage of every opportunity, with Thunderkat especially boisterous, while Wiltshire’s jammers couldn’t get past the pack to commence scoring. It was a valiant performance from Wiltshire, especially from Lady T and Phantom of the Block Ya, trying everything they could but they tired at the end. A late Magic Roundabout powerjam added some points but the Severn machine kept on rolling. The final score saw Severn come out as 350-69 victors.

In the end, Wiltshire gave everything they had, but Severn proved imperious. Severn top the Western table, proving to be a strong and swift class act, while the race for second place remains wide open!

Wiltshire Roller Derby

Thank you to everyone who helped make today a success, you are all fabulous. We had a tough bout today but had fun and learnt loads. Can’t wait till the next one!

Severn Roller Torrent

Brilliant bout today! Big love to Wiltshire Roller Derby for a great bout and hosting an epic day! Hugs to all our supporters and especially all the Refs and NSOs that made today possible!

Milton Keynes Roller Derby

We had a fabulous day against the mighty Oxford Roller Derby and earned a hard fought win, 158-137. Thanks to Oxford for being awesome opponents, Wiltshire Roller Derby for hosting a great day and to all refs, NSO’s, support staff, DJ’s, medical teams, photographers, videographers and the rowdy fans for contributing to another awesome Heartland fixture!

Oxford Roller Derby

Sooo close! Lost to MK yesterday by 21 points. Fantastic game. So proud of all the skaters – they gave it all on track!!

The next Heartland West Bout is on July 27th.

Pos   Team Pld W L GoalsDiff Pts
1 Severn Roller Torrent 5 5 0 1203676 15
2 Milton Keynes Roller Derby 5 3 2 1075375 9
3 Oxford Roller Derby 5 3 2 85081 9
4 Vendetta Vixens 5 2 3 794-233 6
5 Wiltshire Roller Derby 5 2 3 724-426 6
6 Wolverhampton Honour Rollers 5 0 5 647-473 0

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