Heartland West Bout Day 5 – Victories for Milton Keynes and Wiltshire In Race For Play Offs

Updated: July 29, 2013
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Milton Keynes Roller Derby and Wiltshire Roller Derby scored vital wins in the race for play off spots at Heartland Series Western Division Bout Day 5 hosted by Vendetta Vixens at Northampton on Sunday.

The opening bout saw Wiltshire looking to get back on track after defeats to Oxford and Severn, with opponents Wolverhampton Honour Rollers searching for their first victory of the series. The opening exchanges saw some lead changes with Wiltshire taking front positions in the pack. Wolves took many of the opening lead jams going into a 22-15 point lead, scoring in incremental 3s and 4s. Wiltshire seemed to have difficulty getting into the game but three major powerjams in the opening 20 minutes saw the game swing in their favour. Again, Magic Round’her Bout was their main jamming threat, but Czech-point Zuzi contributed a massive 29 point powerjam to help Wiltshire to a 62-22 point lead. Wolves were working hard in the pack with Binty Vicious and Jenny Wrench very effective, but despite a Tornado Tink powerjam, Wolves’ jammers had difficulty staying out of the box and Wiltshire piled on the powerjam pressure. Wiltshire went into the halftime break leading 115-62.

The second half opened with a 19 point powerjam for Wolves through Belle E Dancer, Wiltshire widened their lead, moving to a 136-81 point gap, with Lady T and Sheila Blige marshalling their pack. However, a two minute spell in the bin for Magic Round’her Bout brought 2 big Wolves powerjams, with 25 points for Caztastrophie and 14 for Tornado Tink to bring Wolves back into the game at 136-120. However, Wiltshire regained their composure and eased away again, with late powerjams for Magic and Czech-point Zuzi bringing the final score to 209-154 to Wiltshire. A fascinating game, won by Wiltshire’s exploitation of the powerjams provided by Wolves’ jammer penalties.

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The second bout saw hosts Vendetta Vixens taking on the resurgent Milton Keynes Roller Derby. When they met in last year’s End of the World Series, Milton Keynes ran out 284-52 point winners and both teams were looking to improve their performance this time round. The opening jams were tight affairs with Milton Keynes running into a quick lead with 14 and 13 point jams from Terrorizinya and Lissy Longshot. Vixens responded with a 14 point jam from the energetic Davey Duke and the teams were nip and tuck at 44-43 to Milton Keynes by jam 8. However a series of powerjams from Milton Keynes’ impressive jammer team Terrorizinya, Magic Beanz, Hecate Hex and Lissy powered Milton Keynes into a 129-43 lead. Vixens struggled to keep jammers and blockers on the track, falling foul of cutting and out of play blocking penalties, and went into the break trailing by 203 points to 52.

In the second half, an early 32 point Terrorizinya powerjam extended Milton Keynes’ lead, while fine pack work from Valkyrie, Bolshevik and Red Hot Chilli Whipper kept the Vixens score low. However, Vixens picked up points through Davey, Viki Vale and Lucy Go-Lightly. In a penalty heavy game, tiredness and the extreme heat began to take their toll, and the offences began to mount up, resulting in foulouts for Vixens BabySkates, UltraFoxx and the otherwise excellent Miss G Vous. Late powerjams from Milton Keynes’ dominant jammers and a 13 point star pass for Valkyrie increased Milton Keynes lead and they ran out 399-78 victors.

Vixens were undone by multiple jammer penalties and out of play blocker penalties but gave their all in oppressive conditions. It was an impressive, powerful performance by Milton Keynes’ Concrete Cows, with the victory and the points differential allowing them to leapfrog Oxford Roller Derby into the second play off spot, behind top of the table Severn Roller Torrent.

The next Heartland West Bout Day is on Saturday, 7th September, hosted by Severn Roller Torrent.

The next Heartland East Bout Day is on Saturday 10th August hosted by Norfolk Brawds Roller Derby.

Vendetta Vixens

We fought hard, they fought back. But we smiled and loved every minute of today. Thankyou everyone who came to watch and cheer, it was as always…beautiful.

Wolverhampton Honour Rollers

Well done everyone!

Wiltshire Roller Derby

We won! Such an amazing feeling! Thanks to everyone involved in such a good bout, but a special mention to mkrd for buying us doughnuts! Derby love xx

Milton Keynes Roller Derby

A very big thank you to the Vendetta Vixens for being excellent hosts and opponents today… Massive thank you to the refs and NSOs, plus the volunteers, medics and DJs. A special thank you to our supporters who are all of the amazing…

Congratulations to Wiltshire on their win and to Wolverhampton Honour Rollers for giving them a great game. We’ll see you all at the next Heartland Series day!

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