Heartland West Bout Day 7 – Milton Keynes In Finals, Severn West Champs!

Updated: October 24, 2013

Milton Keynes Roller Derby sealed second place in the Western Division and a spot in the Finals Tournament on the final day of the group on Sunday in Oxford. Severn Roller Torrent confirmed their Western Division title and Vendetta Vixens finished their campaign with a resounding victory.

by Andy Harris. Photography by Poladroid.

In the first bout of the Bout Day 7’s Triple Header, Milton Keynes Roller Derby took on Wolverhampton Honour Rollers knowing that only a victory and an Oxford Roller Derby defeat would see them through to the finals, with their superior points differential over Oxford and Wiltshire Roller Derby giving them the edge in a tournament points tie.

Milton Keynes took an early lead as strong defensive pack work allowed Terrorizinya to score two early 15 point jams, with Wolves’ Tornado Tink struggling to break through. However, uncharacteristic jammer penalties from Milton Keynes allowed Wolves a foothold in the game with a 10 point Jenny Wrench jam and a 15 point powerjam for Psychopathey. Tink and Belle E Dancer also found form and brought a lead change 42-40 to Wolves at jam 10, but consecutive 14, 22 and 24 point jams from Hecate Hex, Heartlands debutant Rollin’Sin and the relentless Terrorizinya allowed Milton Keynes to surge into a 100-48 point lead. A late rally from Wolves saw the half time arrive with a 117-75 point Milton Keynes lead.

Milton Keynes were more assertive in the second half with great pack work from The Valkyrie, Red Hot Chilli Whipper and Betty Knox. A Huni Basher powerjam took the Cows to a 149-107 lead but penalties began to tell for Milton Keynes and Caztastrophie and Twisted Fire Carter were proving particularly effective in the Wolves pack. But despite a 19 point Jenny Wrench jam, Wolves found points difficult to come by in the later stages of the second half. By contrast, consistent scoring from Zinya, Hex and Rollin’Sin saw the Cows top the 200 mark. The last jam saw a valiant power sapping assault by Jenny Wrench on the impassable Valkyrie, and Milton Keynes ran out 220-124 victors. Having done their part, Milton Keynes still needed Severn to beat Oxford but were hoping their 587 point advantage over Wiltshire would see them through.

Oxford vs Severn
Hosts Oxford took on champions elect Severn Roller Torrent in a top two clash, needing to win to qualify for Finals Day. An Oxford win by 223 points over Severn would see them usurp Severn as Western champions. However, Severn started strongly with early points on the board for Scarlett Shadow and Buccaneer Betty Fear, but a 15 point Audacity jam pulled Oxford back into the game at 19-15. Strong pack work from both teams especially Severn’s Jedi Mistress and Oxford’s French Revolution and Celtic Tiger kept it tight, and 15 points from Severn’s Helli Chopper and 9 from Frenchie had the game finely poised at 48-36 to Severn. Suddenly, though, Severn found real jammer form, with a massive 32 point Scarlett Shadow powerjam and 10 and 15 point jams from Voodoo Ray enabled Severn to power away from Oxford. Severn ended the half into with a 124-36 point lead.

Oxford needed to get back into the game quickly and made a real impact, adding 28 points to Severn’s 4 in the early second half jams, with blocker Stormy Waters proving very effective as a jammer, with a 15 point jam. Indeed, Severn again committed uncharacteristic jammer penalties, testament to Oxford’s determined pack work. Oxford did well to hold back Severn’s jammer attack, as Stormy, Audacity and Iguana Thump all picked up double digit jams, but Severn’s first half lead and occasional second power jams were enough to see them through 194-119, clinching the West Division championship.

Vixens vs Wiltshire

The last game would decide the final semi final place, with Wiltshire Roller Derby requiring a gargantuan 587 point win over Vendetta Vixens to pip Milton Keynes for second place, but Vixens have grown in stature this year and would prove difficult opponents. Vixens ran into a quick 50-7 lead with impressive double digit opening jams from Oktavia Rain, Davey Duke and Viki Vale. Wiltshire, with the impressive Sheil’a Blige playing her last game for them, were struggling to gain any jammer advantage and Vixens were able to rotate their cadre of jammers throughout the bout, and collectively they put in their best performance of the season. In the second phase of the first half, Wiltshire started to add some points through Miss Chance, Miss Shell Shock and Sheil’a Blige, despite some big hits from Vixens’ Kubix Rube and Miss G Vous. However, Vixens ended the half with points from Harriet and Oktavia Rain to go in leading 125-47.

The Vixens started the second half confidently with 47 points over the first 9 jams to Wiltshire’s 16, with the Vixens pack really dominating the game and shutting down Wiltshire’s jammers. Even the usually lethal Magic Round’her Bout couldn’t get any joy, while Harriet and Viki Vale in particular enjoyed big scoring jams. The Vixens smashed through the 200 point barrier and eventually saw out the game as 284-70 point winners. Since their defeat to Milton Keynes, the Vixens have put in two excellent performances against Severn and Wiltshire and will go into next year’s Heartland Series on a real high. For Wiltshire, they have had a great series with impressive victories against Milton Keynes and Wolves and a nail-biting clash against Oxford.

With the close of the Wiltshire – Vixens bout, Milton Keynes Roller Derby took the final spot with a superior points difference over Oxford, a great recovery from their two opening defeats against Wiltshire and Severn. An epic day of derby, from six teams who have given their all over the year, and we wouldn’t expect anything less!

Milton Keynes will play Romsey Town RollerBillies in one of the semifinals on Finals Day on 23rd November. Severn Roller Torrent will play the winners of Mean Valley Roller Girls and Norfolk Brawds Roller Derby in the other semi final.

Milton Keynes Roller Derby

We’re through to the Heartland Series finals! Big thank you to Wolves for a great game today and to Oxford for hosting. Massive thank you everyone who made today happen. We’ll see you on the 23rd November!

Wolverhampton Honour Rollers

We have had the most amazing day, lots of nerves and a sweaty venue, awesome derby girls, refs ,NSO’s and our howling fans! Heartlands we love you see you next year! Awwwooo x

Severn Roller Torrent

So it’s time for Thank Yous. Firstly to Oxford Roller Derby for hosting today and being brilliant opponents. We loved playing you; we’ll be paying for it tomorrow!
Next to the Refs and NSOs. Thank you for making today happen and run so smoothly. Everyone else who makes a bout happen – Announcers, DJs, photographers, videographers, organisers, merch stall people, everyone! Thank you for making today great. Lastly to our fans. We love you so much. Thank you for travelling with us, sharing the ups and downs and always being there screaming us on. You make us play harder than we think we can, and push us to be the best we can be. So, see you all at Finals!!!!!!!!!

Oxford Roller Derby

Good times today! Well done Oxford Roller Derby. You ROCK.

Vendetta Vixens

Thankyou to everyone who came and supported us yesterday, your cheers and shouts always overwhelms us. There was some serious pom pom action and awesome signs!

Wiltshire Roller Derby

We fought hard today but sadly it wasn’t to be. Heartland Series, it’s been a pleasure.