Round 7 Game Day Dates

Updated: September 24, 2014

Experienced Heartland Series watchers will know that the last game day for all teams features a massive TRIPLE HEADER featuring all the teams in the Division. It’s the day when all the placings get decided, the Playoff Finalists are confirmed, and the skaters have one final chance to get onto the Skater Leaderboards!

More importantly, it’s a chance for the teams to come together and celebrate their Heartland season, and play one last time with the friends and rivals that have sprung up over the year. They’re great occasions, so make sure you’re there to Support Your Local RollerGirls!

The dates and fixtures are listed here and we’ll update you with event details as they get posted! The order of games on the day may change.

North West Division
hosted by Evolution RollerGirls in Shrewsbury – Sunday 12th October

Reaper Rollergirls – North Wales Roller Derby
Evolution Rollergirls – Wirral Whipiteres Roller Derby
Hereford Roller Girls – Haunted City Rollers

North East Division
hosted by Wolverhampton Honour Rollers in Cannock – Saturday 18th October

Nottingham Roller Girls – Wolverhampton Honour Rollers
Oxford Roller Derby – Vendetta Vixens
Cambridge RollerBillies -Rebellion Roller Derby

South West Division
hosted by Plymouth City Roller Girls in Plymouth – Sunday 26th October

Basingstoke Bullets – Surrey Roller Girls
Wiltshire Roller Derby – Dorset Roller Girls
Plymouth City Roller Girls – Severn Roller Torrent

South East Division
hosted by Big Bucks High Rollers in Wycombe – Sunday 2nd November

Bourne Bombshells – Bedfordshire RollerGirls
Hells Belles Roller Girls – Norfolk Brawds Roller Derby
Milton Keynes Roller Derby – Big Bucks High Rollers