Stars On The Rise 2014 – Hereford Roller Girls

Updated: February 3, 2014

We’re profiling all of the teams that will be competing in the Heartland Series 2014. We’ve asked them to highlight the skaters hoping to make an impression in the Series and tell us a bit about themselves, to introduce our new teams and welcome back our friends from 2013. Today’s stars, victors on the opening day of the season, Hereford Roller Girls!

How was 2013?

2013 was a great year for us. We really started to develop, not only as a team but as a league. We became official members of the UKRDA, which we think is a real achievement and we’re proud to be members. We had two successful home bouts, both double headers, providing opportunities for up and coming skaters. We bouted in 6 games, and won 3 of them! The others were extremely close and we rose to 125th in the European rankings.

Jammer To Watch – Van Kell’sing #46

Van KellSing
This year, Van Kell’sing #46 is our jammer to watch. The first time she was with us, she took us all by surprise, saying she hadn’t skated for years. She was a natural! Her foot work is incredible and improves every session. Kelly continuously has as amazing smiley face which really can throw the opposition. She gives the team great spirit when we watch her smiling her face off as she gets hit left, right and centre on the track and still makes it out the front of the pack. Van Kell’sing picked up best jammer in our last game for 2013. This was very much deserved!

Blocker To Watch – Nurse Venom #91

Nurse Venom
Nurse Venom #91 is the blocker to watch for HRG. During 2013, Venom battled with her confidence and spent the year refining her skills to keep her penalties low. Her ability to turn her negative feelings into positives has made her unstoppable. Accepting and focusing on her weaknesses, Venom has dedicated her training to specific skills. Now blocking has made Venom a force to be reckoned with and I think this year, she will not only surprise her team mates, but also herself.

Rookie To Watch – Shady #50

Our rookie to watch for is Shady #50. Shady is complete fresh meat in comparison to the rest of the team, but she is rising fast. She learns very quickly, but, more importantly, wants to learn. She has a great positive attitude, which spreads good vibes throughout the team. Shady is an adaptable team player, and really developing her aggressive jamming skills.

What are your hopes and goals for the Heartland Series in 2014?

Our hopes, like anyone’s would be, is to take the 2014 Heartland Series title! Our goal would be to go out there and put our hearts and souls into every game we play. At least that way, win or lose, we know we did it with 100% commitment and dedication. Only that way can you ever walk away with your heads held high, whatever the result. Then to finish it off, learn from the whole Heartland experience!