Stars On The Rise 2014 – Norfolk Brawds Roller Derby

Updated: February 21, 2014

We’re profiling all of the teams that will be competing in the Heartland Series 2014. We’ve asked them to highlight the skaters hoping to make an impression in the Series and tell us a bit about themselves, to introduce our new teams and welcome back our friends from 2013. Today’s stars, competing in the opening bout of the South East Division, Norfolk Brawds Roller Derby!

How was 2013?

Our 2013 was amazing. We hosted two very successful home bouts and came very close to taking second place in the Eastern Division of the Heartland Series. 2013 was the year the Brawds went from being the Underdog, to being seen as a legitimately competitive team.

Jammer To Watch – Colletteral Damage

Colletteral Damage

Photography by Poladroid

Damage has been a force to be reckoned with since her arrival in the league in 2010. Despite having only a tiny amount of previous roller blading experience, she quickly found her feet on quads to become a jammer to watch. Her team mates describe her as a “slinky minx”, finding holes in walls that you’d swear weren’t there as she shoots round the track. She’s consistently been a star jammer for the Norfolk Brawds, making breaking through the pack look effortless was and the stats prove she was the best Brawds Jammer throughout the 2013 Heartland tounament.

Her team mates say “Colletteral Damage has been growing immensely as a jammer, and there’s plenty more from this girl to come…”

Blocker To Watch – Cruel Runnings

Cruel Runnings
The Brawds’ secret weapon. Being slightly built, Cruel Runnings might not look like an obvious threat as a blocker but, over the last year, she’s evolved hugely and was acknowledged as best blocker for the Brawds in the Heartland stats. She has the ability to seemingly appear from nowhere to take out an opposing jammer and if you’re on the track against her you better keep her in your sights.

Her team mates say “There’s nothing to her but she’s made of steel and when she’s on you she’s relentless.”

Rookie To Watch – Penny Slain

Only a year into her Derby career, Penny Slain negotiated the new 2013 minimum skills in just a few months after flying through the old minimums. She’s shaping up to be a true double threat and a valuable addition to the team. She’s quick and agile, with a great aptitude for the game that sees her picking up new skills in no time and fast catching up with more senior members of the league. Definitely one to watch on the track, and she’s hilarious off track too.

Her team mates say “She’s quick, agile and definitely underestimates herself, so she’ll start the season nervous as hell, and end it an ‘out for blood’ Derby killer!”

What are your hopes and goals for the Heartland Series in 2014?

We are working towards placing in the South Eastern division and going to finals this year since we came so close last year, and, of course, are hoping we will place in the finals as well. As always, the Brawds will be looking to have a good time and bring our sense of fun; positive attitude; and strong, tactical play, to every track we set wheels on. Bring it on!