Stars On The Rise 2014 – Reaper Roller Girls

Updated: March 6, 2014

We’re profiling all of the teams that will be competing in the Heartland Series 2014. We’ve asked them to highlight the skaters hoping to make an impression in the Series and tell us a bit about themselves, to introduce our new teams and welcome back our friends from 2013. Today’s stars, competing in the their first bout of the North West Division of the Heartland Series, Reaper Roller Girls!

How was 2013?

2013 was hugely exciting for us, everything was brand new. We only formed and began skating right at the end of September 2012, so 2013 was all about training, training, training! It was really important that we bonded as a team and got to know one another as well as developing skills and learning how to actually play roller derby!

There have been some tricky times and times of transition (pun intended!) from when we became a rookie but passionate training team, to when we starting bouting publicly. But we feel strong and together as the Reapers and are all completely in love with Derby and one another. We can’t wait to get properly stuck into the Heartland Series. We have fire in our bellies and can’t wait to prove ourselves!

Jammer To Watch – Block Ness #1511

Block Ness

Photography by Michael Barbour – 2nd Shooter

Block Ness is a fantastic all-rounder; she is a highly effective blocker but even more, a superb jammer. She is extremely modest and would be the last person to say she played well, and would list every other jammer in the team for this section before herself. In reality, when Ness plays she wows. You think the walls are tight but Ness gets through, she knows the strengths of her teammates and utilises them to their max. She is fast, nimble yet sturdy. She keeps a cool head even when fighting hard and we all love her one footed apex gliding!

Blocker To Watch – Pil-Grim #83

Pil-Grim is a force to be reckoned with! Watch out Jammers when she’s about! Everyone knows when they have been hit by Pil-Grim; she is precise, solid and will take you off your feet! It’s not just hitting though, she is very aware of strategy and knows exactly where she needs to be to make the most impact, she’ll be watching out for you!

Rookie To Watch – Coop De Gras #14

Coop De Gras

Photography by Michael Barbour – 2nd Shooter

As we all started together mostly we don’t have any clear rookies, apart from a small few who skated in other teams, we kind of all are! Despite only skating for less than a year, Coop has taken to Jamming like a duck to water. She is so light on her feet and nips through the pack like they’re not even there. She is fit, fast and focussed. After the Tattoo Freeze in Telford in January this year, she even had a lovely person tweeting about her being ‘one to watch’. That settles that then!

What are your hopes and goals for the Heartland Series in 2014?

To keep on getting more and more experience, and the Heartland Series is going to brilliant for us to meet new teams, play against different styles of derby and up our game a lot! Of course we want to win games as well as the after parties, but we think the main objective is for us to enjoy and become even more effective playing as a team. Our referees and NSOs are geeking out at all the opportunities for officiating too! We are highly competitive together, we are aware of our inexperience, however, we are striving though to take the derby world by force!