Stars On The Rise 2014 – Vendetta Vixens

Updated: February 6, 2014

We’re profiling all of the teams that will be competing in the Heartland Series 2014. We’ve asked them to highlight the skaters hoping to make an impression in the Series and tell us a bit about themselves, to introduce our new teams and welcome back our friends from 2013. Today’s stars are one of the founder leagues of the End Of The World Series, playing against last year’s Series finalists Cambridge RollerBillies on the opening day of the North East Division, Vendetta Vixens!

How was 2013?

2013 was our second year of bouting competitively and we sought to build upon the experience we had gained during our first year and first ever tournament. We feel as a team that we did not disappoint. With two wins, that we personally felt as a team, were solid in terms of gameplay, it really felt like we had come together and developed into a team that worked well on the track.

Jammer To Watch – Octavia Rain

Photography by MDP Images

Octavia Rain
New to the team but not new to the game Octavia Rain can slice through the pack before you’ ve even noticed the whistle has gone. Octavia is fast, determined and will do anything to get through that wall to be lead jammer.

Blocker To Watch – Baby Skates

Photography by Khalil Ahmed

Baby Skates
Baby Skates is petrifying on the track with her signature hitting moves, intimidating jammers and blockers a like. You can hear her shouts louder than any crowd cheer and don’t be afraid if she sacrifices her own players, they like it that way 😉

Rookie To Watch – The Sweeney

Photography by Khalil Ahmed

The Sweeney
The Sweeney is a double threat hitting hard and fast jamming (when she’s not dancing on the track). When she’s not on the track The Sweeney is on a one women quest to take up the entire track by herself and to achieve this is eating a chip butty a day.

What are your hopes and goals for the Heartland Series in 2014?

With our constant striving for improvement, we are really looking forward to Heartland 2014. We hope we play just as well and even better that last year and learn from everything we took away from the Heartland 2013 series to make us a stronger team.