Top 10’s – Bout Day 2 – The Jammers

Updated: April 17, 2013

Today’s Top 10’s for Bout Day 2 looks at the jammers.

The high quality jamming continued in round 2, with some massive points totals being racked up. Severn Roller Torrent unleashed their impressive cadre of jammers, Mean Valley’s Diva La Lunatic continued her impressive form, while Romsey’s Hermaphrodite introduced herself to the Heartland Series with perhaps the most impressive jamming performance of round 2

Over the series, we’ll track jammer points scored to judge attack performance, points difference to reward jammer value and the number of jammer leads gained.

Points Scored

For points scoring, Romsey Town’s Hermaphrodite leads the table, scoring an impressive 153 points in 13 actual Jammer Jams. Mean Valley’s captain, Diva La Lunatic took second with 134 points, while Wiltshire’s Magic Round’her Bout continued her impressive opening day form with 110 points in the epic bout vs Oxford.

SkaterJammer JamsScoredTeamEvent
Hermaphroditie13153 RTRB East
Diva La Lunatic26134 MVRG East
Magic Round'herBout18110WRDWest
Bliss Blackout14 98SRTWest
HeltaSkater 1893MVRGEast
Scarlett Shadow2090SRTWest
Voodoo Ray1688SRTWest
Cherry Bomb2186BRGEast
Dread Ditto1671ORDWest
Mazza Kiss'd1761ORDWest

Lead Jammers

In terms of gaining lead, Mean Valley’s Diva La Lunatic leads the pack with 19 leads, with Oxford’s Mazza Kiss’d edging second with 10 leads against a host of jammers tying for third on 9: Hermaphrodite, Voodoo Ray, Mean Valley’s HeltaSkater and Wiltshire’s Magic Round’her Bout.

SkaterJammer Jams# LeadTeamEvent
Diva La Lunatic2619 MVRG East
Mazza Kiss'd1610 ORD West
Hermaphrodite13 9 RTRBEast
Voodoo Ray119SRTWest
Magic Round'herBout189WRDWest
Dread Ditto138ORDWest
Bliss Blackout147SRTWest
Scarlett Shadow106SRTWest
Clawed Monet 106ORDWest

Points Difference

Points difference shows value for jammers, deducting their points conceded from their points gained.

Romsey’s Hermaphrodite again took top spot with a points difference of 125 points. Mean Valley’s Diva La Lunatic again took second with a 93 point difference, while Severn’s impressive Voodoo Ray took third with a 88 point difference in only 11 jammer jams.

SkaterJammer Jams# LeadTeamEvent
Hermaphrodite13125RTRB East
Diva La Lunatic2693 MVRG East
Voodoo Ray11 88 SRTWest
Scarlett Shadow1074SRTWest
Bliss Blackout1472SRTWest
Magic Round'herBout1864WRDWest
Dread Ditto1338ORDWest
Pixie Whoopass825BRGEast
Cherry Bomb2119BRGEast
Dilemma Emma316RTRBEast

We’ll track their performance over the course of the Series!

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