Top 10’s – East Bout Day 4 – The Blockers

Updated: July 7, 2013

As the Series progresses, we’re getting more detailed stats about both divisions, as as the season develops, we’re getting an understanding of the Stars of the Season! As such, we’ll try to break these analyses into Divisional summaries. Twice the work for the overworked OzymAndyAs but hopefully it’ll be worth it!

We’ll start with Heartland East and the epic matchups between Mean Valley and Hell’s Belles, and the Bedfordshire Derby, Rebellion vs Bedfordshire RollerGirls.

As before, we’ll track points gained for the team when the blockers were on track to judge attack performance, points difference to reward defensive play and the number of jammer leads gained by that blocker.

Lead Jammers

In terms of gaining lead, Hell’s Belles Vera Off Track had her best game in the series statistically, contributing to 16 lead jammer statuses over her 32 blocking jams. Indeed, four Hell’s Belles blockers featured in the top 10, underlining the strength of their performance with H in second place. Mean Valley were again consistent with gaining leads,with three skaters in the top 10, with a starring role from Bad Assassin, showing her value to the team, gaining third place.

Rounding out the top 10 were BRG’s Killa Drumroll, seemingly fully recovered from her tib and fib injury, and Rebellion’s Ayan Nee.

SkaterBlocker Jams# LeadTeamEvent
Vera Off Track3216 HBRGEast
Bad Assassin23 14 MVRGEast
Demonica Flooringstone2712MVRGEast
Ida Bomb2811MVRGEast
Killa Drumroll2511BRGEast
Ayan Nee1711RRDEast
Leitzy Lawless3210HBRGEast

Points For

For points scoring, honours were even between Hell’s Bells and Mean Valley with 3 blockers each in the top 10, but Vera Off Track took top spot again, contributing to 101 points for Hell’s Belles, edging Mean Valley’s Demonica Flooringstone into second with 100 points. Hell’s Belles’ H took third.

BRG featured heavily in the top 10 with 3 skaters, Killa Drumroll again gained most points for them, while Rebellion’s Mongsta continued her excellent season with 8th place. Special praise for Mean Valley’s Grudge Joolz for contributing 84 points in only 15 jams!

SkaterBlocker Jams# ForTeamEvent
Vera Off Track32101 HBRGEast
Demonica Flooringstone27100MVRGEast
H27 97HBRGEast
Killa Drumroll2694BRGEast
Leitzy Lawless3288HBRGEast
Grudge Joolz1584MVRGEast
Bad Assassin2382MVRGEast
Mardy Bum2273BRGEast
Cattleya Labiata2472BRGEast

Points Difference

Points difference shows value for jammers, deducting their points conceded from their points gained.

As always, this category highlights overall value and provides interesting reading. Mean Valley produced the most value for their blockers with 5 in the top 10, and Hell’s Belles with 3. Mean Valley’s Hurtin’ Prue provided best value on the day with a points difference of 36 points from 12 jams, with Rebellion’s Ayan Nee in an impressive second with 35 points difference. Mean Valley’s Grudge Joolz took third with a PD of 33.

Special word for H, whose fifth position in this category gives her the best overall statistical blocker performance on the day, and for Mean Valley’s Annihilate whose 33 points difference in 8 jams, coupled with her jamming performance, gave her a day to remember! More on the jamming next time!

SkaterBlocker Jams# DifferenceTeamEvent
Hurtin' Prue1236 MVRGEast
Ayan Nee1735RRDEast
Grudge Joolz15 33MVRGEast
R Tru Deetu931MVRGEast
Cattleya Labiata1730BRGEast
Bad Assassin2328MVRGEast
Dolly Spartan1226HBRGEast
The Kato925HBRGEast

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