Top 10′s – East Bout Day 4 – The Jammers

Updated: July 18, 2013
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As the Series progresses, we’re getting more detailed stats about both divisions, and as the season develops, we’re getting an understanding of the Stars of the Season! As such, we’ll try to break these analyses into Divisional summaries.

Our attention turns back to the Heartland Eastern Division and the epic matchups between Mean Valley and Hell’s Belles, and the Bedfordshire Derby, Rebellion vs Bedfordshire RollerGirls.

As before, we’ll track points gained for the team when the jammers were on track to judge attack performance, points difference to reward effectiveness of jammer play and the number of jammer leads gained by that jammer.

Lead Jammers

In terms of gaining lead, Mean Valley’s Diva La Lunatic continued her strong performance this year. She jammed the most of all of our top ten but was rewarded with 10 lead jammer statuses, 2 ahead of Rebellion’s jammer sisters Inky Minx and Dew Drop Her, and Hell’s Belles’ Dolly Spartan.

Mean Valley’s Annihilate and Juno It’ll Hurt, in equal fifth, both had an excellent second half, with Annihilate, especially, posting excellent figures of 6 lead jams from 7 jams. Hell’s Belles’ Dodge Her shared equal fifth with them, with Rebellion’s Lulu Bloodlust, Hell’s Belles’ Crush EM Hawks and Mean Valley’s Bean Stalkin’ Ya, rounding out the Lead Jammer top 10.

SkaterJammer Jams# LeadTeamEvent
Diva La Lunatic2310 MVRG East
Inky Minx108 RRD East
Dew Drop Her13 8RRDEast
Dolly Spartan148HBRGEast
Juno It'll Hurt106MVRGEast
Dodge Her196HBRGEast
Lulu Bloodlust85RRDEast
CrushEM Hawks125HBRGEast
Bean Stalkin' Ya165MVRGEast

Points For

For points scoring, Diva La Lunatic topped the table with 75 points from 23 jams, on a day when points were hard won. Dew Drop Her takes second with 61 points from 13 jams with Dodge Her in third with 52 from 19.

Mean Valley’s had three jammers in the top 10 with Bean Stalkin Ya and Annihilate in 4th and 10th. Hell’s Belles’ jammers Belle’s Angel and CrushEM Hawks took 5th and 6th, an especially good performance for Belle’s Angel who used her powerjams well on the day. Rebellion’s Lulu and Inky take 8th and 9th, with Cherry Bomb topscoring for Bedfordshire RollerGirls in 7th place with 40 points from 14 jams.

SkaterJammer JamsScoredTeamEvent
Diva La Lunatic2375 MVRG East
Dew Drop Her1361RRD East
Dodge Her1952HBRGEast
Bean Stalkin' Ya16 48HBRGEast
Belle's Angel1044MVRGEast
CrushEM Hawks1240MVRGEast
Cherry Bomb1440HBRGEast
Lulu Bloodlust838RRDEast
Inky Minx1036RRDEast

Points Difference

Points difference shows value for jammers, deducting their points conceded from their points gained.

As always, this category highlights overall value and provides interesting reading. The close matches provided narrow differences for the jammers, with only 6 posting double figure differences. Annihilate proved the most effective jammer on the day with a 32 point difference from 7 jams, making a massive contribution to Mean Valley’s victory, with Lulu and Inky making the difference for Rebellion on the day, taking second and third spot, with 22 points difference.

CrushEM Hawks, Diva La Lunatic and Dew Drop Her featured in all three tables, while Bedfordshire RollerGirls’ KookieKat provided value in her 4 jams with a points difference of 6.

SkaterJammer Jams# DifferenceTeamEvent
Annihilate732MVRG East
Lulu Bloodlust822 RRD East
Inky Minx10 22 RRDEast
Belle's Angel1017HBRGEast
CrushEM Hawks1216HBRGEast
Diva La Lunatic2315MVRGEast
Faerie Knottie47RRDEast
Dew Drop Her136RRDEast
Cherry Bomb145BRGEast

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