Top 10’s – West Bout Day 4 – The Blockers

Updated: July 9, 2013

As the Series progresses, we’re getting more detailed stats about both divisions, as as the season develops, we’re getting an understanding of the Stars of the Season! As such, we’ll try to break these analyses into Divisional summaries.

Our attention turns to Heartland Western Division. Bout Day 4 featured Milton Keynes Roller Derby edging Oxford Roller Derby and Severn Roller Torrent gaining a heavy victory over hosts Wiltshire Roller Derby.

As before, we’ll track points gained for the team when the blockers were on track to judge attack performance, points difference to reward defensive play and the number of jammer leads gained by that blocker.

Lead Jammers

A clean sweep for Severn Roller Torrent in Blockers gaining Lead Jammers status, which proved to be a theme throughout the day. Severn’s Maple Lethal topped the table, contributing to 19 Lead Jammers, the returning Helen Fury and Jedi Mistress take joint second.

Milton Keynes also featured heavily with four blockers in the top 10. A word for Oxford’s The Rack who makes her first appearance in the top 10 lists.

SkaterBlocker Jams# LeadTeamEvent
Maple Lethal2119 SRTWest
Helen Fury2118SRTWest
Jedi Mistress24 18 SRTWest
Betty Knox2815MKRDWest
The Valkyrie2614MKRDWest
Red Hot Chili Whipper2214MKRDWest
The Rack1811ORDWest
Scarlett Shadow1211SRTWest
Celtic Tiger1810ORDWest

Points For

For points scoring, Severn again took the top three with Maple Lethal, Helen Fury and Jedi Mistress again placing 1,2 and 3. Celtic Tiger placed fourth, with an excellent performance for Oxford. Milton Keynes’ Betty Knox makes her second appearance in the tables this month, in 7th place.

Severn’s Scarlett Shadow contributed 102 points for her jammers as a blocker, and appeared in all three tables. This was coupled with an excellent jamming performance, underlining her all round skills. More on that next time!

SkaterBlocker Jams# ForTeamEvent
Maple Lethal21215 SRTWest
Helen Fury21209SRTWest
Jedi Mistress24 201 SRTWest
Celtic Tiger18119ORDWest
Bliss Blackout12113SRTWest
The Rack18106ORDWest
Betty Knox28104MKRDWest
Scarlett Shadow12102SRTWest
Beatrix Got'er1195SRTWest

Points Difference

Points difference shows value for jammers, deducting their points conceded from their points gained.

As always, this category highlights overall value and provides interesting reading. With their excellent performance against Wiltshire, Severn dominate this category, with Helen Fury coming out on top with a points difference of 194, Maple Lethal and Jedi Mistress in second and third. Respect again to Oxford’s Celtic Tiger, the only non-Severn blocker to appear in all three top tens for Heartland West Bout Day 4!

SkaterBlocker Jams# DifferenceTeamEvent
Helen Fury21194 SRTWest
Maple Lethal21177SRTWest
Jedi Mistress24 149 SRTWest
Scarlett Shadow1288SRTWest
Bliss Blackout1282SRTWest
Beatrix Got'er1175SRTWest
Celtic Tiger1869ORDWest
Voodoo Ray763SRTWest
Buccanear Betty Fear962SRTWest
Action Elvis562SRTWest

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