Top 10’s – West Bout Day 4 – The Jammers

Updated: July 19, 2013

As the Series progresses, we’re getting more detailed stats about both divisions, as as the season develops, we’re getting an understanding of the Stars of the Season! As such, we’ll try to break these analyses into Divisional summaries.

Our attention turns to Heartland Western Division. Bout Day 4 featured Milton Keynes Roller Derby edging Oxford Roller Derby and Severn Roller Torrent gaining a heavy victory over hosts Wiltshire Roller Derby.

As before, we’ll track points gained for the team when the jammers were on track to judge attack performance, points difference to reward effectiveness of jammer play and the number of jammer leads gained by that jammer.

Lead Jammers

Milton Keynes Roller Derby’s jammers edged the Lead jammer category with Magic Beanz topping the table with 10 lead jams from 15 jams and Terrorizinya taking third with 8 leads from 13 jams. Severn’s Scarlett Shadow split the two with an impressive 9 leads from 10 jams.

The rest of the spots were split between Severn and Oxford, highlighting Severn’s jammer strength in depth. Interesting to note that all but one of Oxford’s French Revolution‘s jams came in the second half.

SkaterJammer Jams# LeadTeamEvent
Magic Beanz1510 MKRDWest
Scarlett Shadow109SRT West
Terrorizinya13 8MKRDWest
Voodoo Ray86SRT West
Buccanear Betty Fear86SRT West
Thunderkat65SRT West
French Revolution85ORDWest
Bliss Blackout74SRT West

Points For

Severn Roller Torrent took a clean sweep of the top three in this table, with Scarlett Shadow topping the table with a whopping 141 points from 10 jams. Voodoo Ray took second with 74 points from 8 jams and Thunderkat took third with 61 in 6.

Milton Keynes’ Magic Beanz was the top scoring jammer not from Gloucester with 60 points from 8 jams. Frenchie top scored for Oxford with 54 in 8, while Magic Round’her Bout proved her value to Wiltshire Roller Derby, running out top scorer for them with the 7th highest score of the day, with 51 in 14 jams

SkaterJammer JamsScoredTeamEvent
Scarlett Shadow10141SRT West
Voodoo Ray874SRTWest
Magic Beanz15 60MKRDWest
French Revolution854ORDWest
Buccanear Betty Fear854SRTWest
Magic Round'her Bout1451WRDWest
Huni Basher841MKRDWest

Points Difference

Points difference shows value for jammers, deducting their points conceded from their points gained.

As always, this category highlights overall value and provides interesting reading. The top four were the same as Points Scored but with Voodoo Ray and Thunderkat swapping positions. Scarlett Shadow’s 10 jams produced a points difference of 136 points. Shadow has featured in the top 10 for all 6 categories for Bout Day 4, 3 for jamming and 3 for blocking, underlining her excellent performance on the day, while Milton Keynes’ Magic Beanz proved to be the best performing non Severn jammer in each table

Severn’s Buccaneer Betty Fear and Bliss Blackout also featured in the top 10, while Oxford’s Frenchie, Aud-acity and Mazza Kiss’d rounded out the rest of the top 10.

SkaterJammer JamsDifferenceTeamEvent
Scarlett Shadow10136SRT West
Voodoo Ray849SRTWest
Magic Beanz15 39MKRDWest
Buccanear Betty Fear836SRTWest
French Revolution823ORDWest
Mazza Kiss'd29ORDWest
Bliss Blackout73SRTWest

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